This website is dedicated to various additional resources compiled by the Slavic and East European library staff. Here we put all the things Slavic and East European that may be of interest to people dealing with this field of study.

One of the major projects that was realized in the past year is the Slavic publishers database. It contains information about the most prominent publishers of Russia, Poland and Czech Republic. All the publishers are organized by their specialties. Each entry in the database provides the relevant publisher’s titles of series, reference publications, and periodicals, as well as collected works it published. Not meant as an exhaustive list of all the Slavic publishers, the database concentrates on those publishing houses that specialize in intellectual and scholarly literature in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Under Exhibits the viewer will find currently featured and past exhibitions. Each of these mini exhibitions is dedicated to a particular topic. We select a few interesting titles and discuss other resources that are available at the Wells library.

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions regarding this website. Tell us what information would be useful for you. Are there any titles you would like to see in the IU Slavic and East European collection? Do you have any endorsements for the topics of our future exhibitions? Do you want to learn more about certain library resources? Tell us!