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This database provides information about the leading post-Soviet humanities and social sciences publishers of the Slavic and East European countries. All specializing in scholarly or intellectual literature, these publishers are selected from a variety of catalogs including those that in-country commercial vendors provide for North American research libraries and that prominent Slavic and East European libraries offer to their international exchange partners. Each entry is annotated with a view to a summary characterization of it, and provided with the titles of series, reference publications, and periodicals of the publisher, and the writers whose collected works it published, types of information that would hopefully help exemplify the given characterization.

Data about the Slavic and East European publishing as a whole are not scarce by any means these days. Government agencies charged with the promotion of national culture periodically issue a variety of statistical data about national publishing; publishing industry magazines abound in journalistic reports and expert analyses; and professional associations also provide information about the dynamics of national publishing. But if we are to narrow our view down to the humanities and social sciences disciplines alone, the picture that arises grows murkier, or fragmented at the most. This is clearly an anomaly given the steady stream of significant scholarly or intellectual publishing projects, fundamental scholarly reference publications, and fascinating works by new intellectual writers that those afore-mentioned catalogs have been documenting. This anomalous situation is in part a result of the absence of a conveniently accessible integrated source of information about what is going on in this particular estate of publishing as a whole. It is this absence that this database addresses by providing a convenient but dependable gateway to the creative, dedicated, and resilient world of humanities and social sciences publishing of the Slavic and East European countries.

Special thanks to Will Cowan of the Indiana University Libraries, who provided valuable and timely technical support and advice. Please contact Wookjin Cheun (wcheun@indiana.edu) with any suggestions and questions regarding this database.

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