Publishing is focused on two areas. The first area is the publishing of books for other non-profit subjects, which do not have publishing of books as their primary activity (Universities, museums, archives, etc.). […] Scriptorium has been regularly providing books for institutions such as the Prague City Archives, the National Archives, the Czech Academy of Sciences, the National Museum or the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University.
The second area of our work is independent publishing from our own sources (or on the basis of grants or sponsorships). (source)


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  • Manu Propria
  • Documenta Pragensia
  • Documenta Pragensia Monographia
  • Album Pozdně Středověkého Písma
  • Regesta Bohemiae et Moraviae
  • Edice a Studie Státního Oblastního Archivu v Litoměřicích
  • Pražský Sborník Historický
  • Jubilejní Sborníky
  • Katalogy Výstav


Albums, catalogs, history, archival documents

Director / Editor-in-Chief:

Marek Lašťovka